Out & About - Portarlington/ St Leonards

Ideal for dogs for real world experience and who do not cope in groups

  • Started 12 Oct
  • 160 Australian dollars
  • Portarlington

Service Description

Does your dog need some extra training but might find group classes a bit overwhelming? Do your dog get distracted when out on walks? We have just the solution. ​ Our boutique Out and About classes are designed to train dogs in “real world” scenarios. Each week a different location is chosen to help your dog become a well rounded, well mannered dog while out with you. The emphasis during these classes is on loose leash walking and recall, but because of the group size we can tailor the classes to suit your training outcomes. ​ This 4 week program has a maximum of 4 dogs per class meaning fewer distractions and more attention for you and your dog. ​ Dates and Locations: Session One: Tuesday 12th October 5:30pm Sproat St, Portarlington. Meet in Carpark and we will head to the open field between the sporting grounds. Pin: https://maps.apple.com/?address=Sproat%20Street,%20Portarlington%20VIC%203223,%20Australia&ll=-38.114273,144.645303&q=Marked%20Location&_ext=EiQpbOhmf6AOQ8AxWCB6UqYUYkA5bOhmf6AOQ8BBWCB6UqYUYkA%3D Session Two: Tuesday 19th October 5:30pm Beach Recall and Cafe Manners in Portarlington. Meet at the carpark on Harding St, Portarlington near the Pier. Pin: https://maps.apple.com/?address=Harding%20Street,%20VIC%203223,%20Australia&ll=-38.112884,144.652797&q=Marked%20Location&_ext=EiQp7x6g+3IOQ8Axqb2ItuMUYkA57x6g+3IOQ8BBqb2ItuMUYkA%3D Tuesday 26th October 5:30pm The Forseshore St Leonards - meet at the carpark by the Tennis Courts. Pin: https://maps.apple.com/?address=The%20Foreshore,%20St%20Leonards%20VIC%203223,%20Australia&auid=4877510975612694236&ll=-38.173597,144.719147&lsp=9902&q=Toilet&_ext=CisKBAgEEBYKBAgFEAMKBQgGEJsCCgQIChAACgQIUhAKCgQIVRARCgQIWRAGEiQppPMK3FUWQ8AxKIMC5PkWYkA5WC/Q/BoWQ8BBqhfLnAwXYkA%3D Tuesday 2nd November - No Class due to Public Holiday Tuesday 9th November 5:30pm Beach Recall and Cafe Manners St Leonards. Meet at the Foreshore St Leonards carpark, opposite the St Leonards pub near the pier. Pin https://maps.apple.com/?address=The%20Foreshore,%20St%20Leonards%20VIC%203223,%20Australia&ll=-38.170544,144.718773&q=Marked%20Location&_ext=EiQpt0PDYtQVQ8Ax7gc8MAAXYkA5t0PDYtQVQ8BB7gc8MAAXYkA%3D

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